Founded in 1854, Verreries Brosse initially produced and sold pharmaceutical vials, ointment jars and bottles for Master Perfumers.

The production facility built in 1892 is located in Vieux Rouen in Normandy and featured a pot furnace and manual production only. By 1919 production evolved to include semi-automated manufacturing capabilities. In 1921, the world famous Chanel No. 5 bottle was created and produced.

By the 1950’s, Verreries Brosse was admired as a leading luxury glass perfume manufacturer.

In the 1990’s the first automatic production line was installed to service the increased market needs of Eau de Toilette bottles.

In 2002 Verreries Brosse was acquired by Zignago Vetro S.p.A.. Thanks also to the technological support and significant capital investments of the Zignago Vetro Group, Verreries Brosse increased and improved its automatic production capacity of high-end perfume and luxury spirit bottles, maintaining its semi-automatic production and continuously improving its glass making savoir faire.

Verreries Brosse is currently the only European glassmaker able to manufacture a complete product line ranging from: miniatures, essential oils, EDP’s or EDT’s, jars, limited editions, display factice bottles and carafes by either semi-automated or single/double gob automated production.

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