Verreries Brosse is universally recognized for its extra-white and bright glass. The ability to faithfully and precisely produce clients’ designs; is its forte. This industrial glass making skill has earned Brosse the coveted “Enterprise du Patrimonie Vivant” award. This honor is awarded by the French government to companies achieving excellence in handcrafted and industrial technical know-how.


Verreries Brosse is a client focused organization and is committed to being the industry’s go-to glass supplier; using its glass making know-how to successfully execute even the most challenging bottle designs.


Verreries Brosse has always been sought after to study the most difficult glass creations, producing challenging shapes, using unique industrial technologies along with “handmade” finesse.


Having both semi-automated production as well as automatic production capabilities on site, makes the company the only European glass producer able to deliver an entire range of products: miniatures, specialty bottles for essential oils, perfume bottles and stoppers, limited edition series, eye and skin care jars, EDT’s, carafes, decanters and factice display bottles in quantities ranging from a few thousand pieces for a market test, or for a million pieces for a major launch project.

The service is completed by the option of feeder colouration.

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